Blue Stone Dojang
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Our instructor, William May III, has been teaching since 1992 and training in Korean Martial Arts since 1989. He began his study in Hapkido under Mr. Cliff Kerr and received 1st degree black belt in 1992. Master May received 1st degree in Taekwondo from Mr. Thomas Becker in 1993. He trained with both instructors at the American Taekwondo & Hapkido Center for four years. In 1994, Master May opened his own school and became a branch of the American Hapkido Association as well as the United Taekwondo Association and started training with Grandmaster Michael Wollmershauser. Grandmaster Wollmershauser promoted Master May to 2nd dan in Hapkido in 1995 and to Taekwondo 2nd Dan in 1996. In 1996, Master May met and trained with Grandmaster Lim, Hyun Su, of Daegu City, South Korea, the President of the Korea Jung Ki Kwan. In 1997 Master May traveled to Korea and tested for Hapkido 3rd Dan before  Grandmaster Lim, and several other masters as a member of the USA Hapkido team and he received it  (Certificate #A-126). Master May has met with Grandmaster Lim several times since 1996 for further instruction in Hapkido and Kuhapdo. In 2001 Master May tested for and recieved his Hapkido 4th Dan in Korea. He has been to Korea several times for training and testing.  He currently holds the rank of 6th degree in Hapkido and 4th degree in Kuhapdo. Master May taught martial arts at MassMutual Life Insurance Co. in the fitness center for a few years. He was the after school martial arts coach at Minnechaug Regional High School in Wilbraham. He has also offered programs at the Wilbraham Middle School and Thornton Burgess Middle School in Hampden as well as Woodland Academy private school in Ware. He also taught Physical Education at Pioneer Valley Montessori School in Springfield for 2 years. He ran the after school self defense program in the Ware school system in 2006/07. Master May has  volunteered martial arts lessons in the Phys Ed classes at Quarry Hill School in Monson, MA for several years as well. Master May has a strong enthusiasm for True, Traditional Martial Arts. His commitment to his family, his students, his teacher, and martial arts keep him constantly busy.