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Kuhapdo is a form of Korean swordsmanship that uses the long curved blade similar to the Japanese katana (Samurai sword). The art teaches the proper use of the sword based on combat techniques. Unlike swordplay seen on TV and in movies, Kuhapdo does not teach misuse of the sword. The sword is not treated as a tool to fight ones opponent. It is treated with respect and It becomes an extension of the user. You learn how to master your sword as if it were a part of your own body. Students of Kuhapdo learn forms or patterns which consist of a series of pre-arranged movements against imaginary opponents. At the beginner level each student practices with a wooden sword (Mok gum). When an advanced level of control is reached the student graduates to a steel sword. All students learn proper cut angles and how to hold the sword. They practice the correct way to draw the sword from it's scabbard based on the situation and how to properly return the sword into the scabbard. Kuhapdo is excellent for exercise, focus and personal development.